Nature Photographer



"Angela has been at the forefront of working with clients in supporting them to overcome the barriers they have in interpersonal relationships, victimisation, and helping them find that part of them that assists them to be greater than their circumstances. She has helped me overcome abusive trauma from childhood and also supported me to move forward with my life overall beyond my problems, and not only helped me overcome the abuse but also helped me become the person I needed to be that ended up attracting a real loving relationship even though I thought I wasn't ready for it."

Ellie - Educator

"I have been working with Angela for over 6 months during which time she supported me to overcome the problems I was facing with my interpersonal relationships at home as well as in the office. She helped me to see that what was happening to me at home was exactly the same pattern I was creating at work. I found what was preventing me from becoming the person I needed to be to create a loving relationship was similar to both my financial problems but also my career direction, my personal relationship at the time and my playtime. She is a very warm and kind person, that made it easy for me to open up to her, on issues I wasn't expecting to discuss without forcing me to do so at all, but rather just by allowing me to be myself and then I just let it out."

Sebastian - Banker

"I am a yoga teacher and an electronics expert and was really interested in working with Angela after my friend's advice who recommended her to me. I warmed up to her instantly, she created not only a safe environment for me to work with her and be comfortable in doing so but also provided  the best advice I've ever had. She didn't tell me what to do, she showed me through who she was, by allowing me to become a better person. I also learned how to love myself more, take care of myself more, overcome my anxiety and worry around financial matters as well as providing me with the tools that supported me to know how to help other people in the same way. She provided me with all the emotional support I needed to go beyond myself and become not only a leader in society through my humanitarian work but also to become easier to live with as I became more relaxed company to others. And beyond that I could have never moved away from the people that were holding me back as I wasn't confident enough to do so. For example to part with my partner at the time and to find the sort of person that I really wanted to be with and that makes me truly happy."

Mark - Yoga teacher & electronics expert