Fall Foliage


This is a package of one to one personal sessions with me. The work I do covers all areas of people's lives, including interpersonal relationships, work and career, change of career path for those interested into developing a more authentic work life which includes both supporting people in their current roles, and also supporting people that want to develop themselves into more humanitarian oriented work. This includes anything from medical professionals, to lawyers, accountants, psychologists and related professionals, social workers etc. 

The above work involves working first on yourself and areas of your life that you want to improve as well as developing your authentic self expression into other areas of work, other professional paths and also during covid online remote humanitarian work through direct voluntary experience with the Feed Africa project for a minimum of 3 months per client. This work will be phased out into providing both the skills necessary for people to progress in their personal lives in those areas that matter to them the most and also providing experience in the humanitarian field directly at the same time while developing the necessary skills to do so.

Bridge Over River


This package, is for people who want to develop themselves further into being leaders in their lives, for example in their work, relationships, personal struggles and career path development. What I do in these groups is provide them with a deeper understanding of how to progress various matters in their lives, including work prospects, coping skills across various areas of their lives and deeper personal work if they wish to (for example overcoming stress and anxiety at work, home, personal relationships etc). 

The way in which I approach this work is through providing people with the skills necessary to overcome the barriers they face in their lives including relationships, work, anxiety, stress and other issues, through direct training with me that supports them to overcome barriers to leadership in their own lives, including through working voluntarily on the Feed Africa project (that is currently live as remote work) across professions through supporting them to channel their skills into the Africa project. The minimum requirement of voluntary contribution is 6 months worth of direct humanitarian experience which can be used to further your own career progression. Please note, there is a screening process in place for admission to the group intensives although no prior experience is necessary. 

Rock Landscape Design and Installation


This group of sessions is to help you uncover the blocks and obstacles that have been holding you behind across all areas of your life, this can include finances, love and relationships, work and career, leadership etc.  This work borrows from the Course in Miracles and the work of Marianne Williamson in particular, along with healing work, ontological coaching (talk therapy), as well as Eckhart Tolle and Dr Deepak Chopra.